The Tactics feats give your character the ability to expertly fight in formations. These feats are especially important for tanks as it lets them form walls around players in order to protect them much easier.

See also: place

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Syntax:tag <victim>

If you are "it", you can tag someone else. This is to your advantage because you gain at half normal rate if you are tagged!


Syntax:tag !

Sub-implementors and up can "shake off their tag" by using the exclamation point option. They can also start a new tag by being permitted to tag even though they are not "it".

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See get


Syntax:talk <person> <text>
;<person> <text>
''<person> <text>

This command works just like say, except that you direct your conversation to the indicated person. Unlike tell, all other people in the room will be able to hear what you are saying.

You can use both ; and '' as shortcuts for the Talk command.

Ex:  ;baker buy bread
See also: communications | say | tell

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See eat


Syntax:tell <person(s)> <message>
.<person(s)> <message>

This is the command to use if you would like to tell someone on the mud something regardless of where they are. You can list multiple people to tell to by separating the names with commas.

For example, the following tells 'joe' and 'amy' that you'd like to meet at the square.

Ex:  .joe,amy heya ... let's meet at the square
See also: channel | communications | reply | retell | talk

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See by


Theives are the masters of stealth and surprise. They are often able to get to places that other classes have a hard time getting to. They also are able to deal deadly attacks due to their ability to surprise their foes. Thieves also make great scouts, as they are often able to skirt around foes without being detected.

Type "profs thief" to see a list of the thief abilities.

See also: class | levels | practice | profs | skills

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See by


(aggressive throwing)

Syntax:throw [direction] [at] <victim>
throw <object> [direction] [at] <victim>

The throw command is used to throw throwable weapons or other ojbects at a foe. If you wish to toss something non-violently, use the "toss" command.

In order to successfully throw a weapon at a foe, you must have the throwable weapon wielded and you must be adept at the corresponding throwing skill for that weapon. For example, if you wish to throw a dagger, knowledge in the "dagger throwing" skill would be essential.

If you wish to throw a non-weapon at a foe, like a vial, grenade, or a boulder, you should use the second syntax for the command. While proficiency in the toss skill is not required to throw an item, it does help your chances of hitting your target.

See also: archery | axe | catch | dagger | dart | hammer | marksmanship | shoot | spear | star | throwing | toss

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See power-attack


See power-shot


A tick is around 300 pulses (1.25 minutes).

See also: pulse

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Gives you the current 'gametime'. Your initial reaction to the output of this command may be one of surprise, but you will get used to it. You will have to, at any rate, since certain things in the game depend on this particular notion of time. The opening hours of the shops, for example.

See also: days | months | pulse | uptime

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Syntax:title <new title>

Use this command to set what you want your title to be.

See also: describe | name | nickname

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See by


Syntax:topic clear|<message>

This command can be used to set a topic for the mud that all players can see by either entering the "topic" command or whenever they log in.

This command is only usable by players of hero level or higher.

If you abuse this command your ability to use this command will be taken from you so please be considerate.

See also: ctopic

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(peaceful throwing)

Syntax:toss <object> <distance> <direction>
toss <object>|<character> [direction] [to] <victim>
toss <character> (social)

The toss command is used to toss something to an adjacent (or distant) room. This is a non-violent throw and if you are tossing an object to another player, they will have a good chance of catching it ... especially if they know the catch skill. If you wish to harm someone, use the "throw" command.

While proficiency in the toss skill is not a prerequisite for success in tossing an object, it will markedly improve your accuracy.

The toss command is also a social.

See also: archery | axe | catch | dagger | dart | hammer | marksmanship | shoot | spear | star | throw | throwing

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The toughness feat reduces damage that you take by up to 25%.

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Tournament points are awarded for winning events in Arcane Ages. For example, winning the weekly clan wars will get you tournament points.

Everytime you acquire tournament points you will also get points in your "tournament point pool" which are points you can spend to buy various items and abilities.

See also: experience | kill-points | quest-points

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See tournament-points


Syntax:track <target name>

This skill will permit you to track down your quarry.

NOTE: Watch where you walk because you might end up tracking your quarry into an aggressive zone or a DT or other nasty places.

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See practice


(also TRAITS)

Traits are abilities which help define a character up until the current point in time. That is, the first 17 years of life before coming to these realms. Traits can only be added at character creation and can NEVER be removed. New characters can choose to add a maximum of two traits but may opt to select none at all. Every trait has both a positive and a negative effect to them.

See also: proficiencies

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See trait


See appoint



An antipaladin can offer an object of great value to his gods in exchange for their dark blessings. The more valuable the object is, the greater the blessings they will bestow upon him. However, they may not always respond to an antipaladin's requests.

To offer tribute to his gods, an antipaladin must be standing in a temple, or other area of divine sanction, and he must be holding the object he offers. An object must be worth a minimum of 250K gold pieces as well.

Syntax: tribute

This is a charged skill.

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trivia 'text'
ptrivia 'text'

The trivia channel can be used by anyone to run quizzes (and respond to quiz questions) at any time.

The first variant of the command can be used to view the current trivia question.

The second variant can be used to communicate over the trivia channel - submit your responses or general conversation etcetera. NOTE: This channel does not support socials.

The final variant can be used to post or change the current trivia question.

See also: channel | communications

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A turn is 30 pulses (~7 seconds).

See also: pulse | turn-spell

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Some items within the game have the chance to gain additional statistics based on a number of factors, which include the level the items is and which slot the item fits into. The rule 'Enchanter's Delight' will improve both the chance of finding tweaks and the level the items will tweak to.

Recent tweak code updates:
- Bug causing tweaks with stat modifiers of 0 when rule 'Enchanter's delight'
  is on has been fixed.
- Introduced a new 'super tweak', a one in fifty-thousand chance to get a
  much larger tweak then normal.

Immortals see also JS-TWEAKING

See also: rule-enchanter's-delight

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See bugs



The tytan race has developed the ability to perform a mystical incantation to shrink their bodies down to a smaller form. Using the 'shrink' command, they can shrink themselves allowing a more free movement around the world. The ability is limited and the small tytan can stay shrunk only for a short period of time. The higher level tytan may stay shrunk indefinitely, using the 'regrow' command when they want to return to their normal size, but they may find that if they remain shrunk his/her body may begin to suffer.

Tytans are warned to be careful when moving around while shrunk, for if you are in a small room when your shrink wears off you may find yourself stuck there!


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