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The following is a list of some command commands that deal with objects.

behead, brew, copy, drink, drop, equipment, examine, fillet, get, give, grab, inventory, pour, put, remove, scribe, sip, slice, taste, toss, wear, write

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Syntax:oedit <object name> <field> <values>

<field>     <values>

type        <the type of the item, see itemtype>
resistance  <resistance> <amount of resistance>
hit         <the object's current hit points>
mhit        <the object's maximum hit points>
version     <the object's version>
level       <the object's level>
ego         <the object's ego:  (level+2*wis+int+cha) * (% of max HP) >
value0      <item type-specific value #0, see itemtype>
value1      <item type-specific value #1, ...>
value2      <item type-specific value #2, ...>
value3      <item type-specific value #3, ...>
value4      <item type-specific value #4, ...>
weight      <weight of the object, in pounds>
volume      <volume of the object, in cubic inches>
cost        <the cost of the item>
rent        <the cost (per day) to rent the item>
addaura     <aura name> permanent|<duration> <arg0> ... <argn>
remaura     <aura name>|<aura number>
most <field>'s can be abbreviated.


oedit raft type boat
oedit sword value0 10
oedit helm addaura stat perm affect true-sight affect detect-magic
oedit shield addaura stat perm resistance fire 20 resistance cold 25
See also: ego | itemtype | obehavior | oflag | oload | osave | ostat | working-with

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Offensive spells are those which can be used either in or out of combat to negatively affect your opponent. This would be through either direct damage to the foe or through some other means of affecting them. The effects (damage or otherwise) of each spell is listed in its own helpfile. See help SPELL-SPELLNAME for the full details of each spell.

See also: | elements-and-environments | >name> | pel | profs | spells

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Syntax:open|close|lock|unlock <door|object name>


open portal
open portal south
(if there is more than one to choose from)

See also: dig | knock | pound

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The oppressor is a holy knight serving dark gods as a champion of evil. They are fierce warriors rewarded with many divine spells from their patron deities for their unwavering passion and devotion to both faith and mission.

Type "profs oppressor" to see a list of the oppressor abilities.

See also: | class | levels | practice | profs | runes | skills | spells

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Syntax:order <victim> <command>
order familiar <command>
order followers <command>

This command will permit you to give an order to someone following you. In most cases, the victim must be a charmed mobile, or a group member.

The 'order familiar' syntax will give the command to your current familiar (if you have one).

The 'order followers' syntax will give the command to all your followers at once.

See also: group | pet-commands

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