Syntax:kick <victim name>

The success of a kick depends upon how well you are learned. The higher level you reach the harder you kick.

See also: hit

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(also HIT)

Syntax:hit <target name>
kill <target name>

These commands are used to initiate combat with someone.

If you know the engagement skill and have acceptable placement you can use these commands to also switch targets during combat similar to the "engage" command.

See also: combat | engage

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(also KILL-POOL)

Kill points are awarded for defeating other players in legal pvp. No kill points will be awarded for defeating players which are much weaker than you.

Everytime you acquire kill points you will also get points in your "kill point pool" which are points you can spend to buy various items and abilities.

See also: experience | quest-points | tournament-points

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See kill-points


Well can't you guess ?

See also: french

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Syntax:knock <door name> [direction]

This command simply permits you to knock on a door. People on the other side of the door will hear the knock, and may open it to let you in.

Knock is also a social command as well as a spell.

See also: pound | spell-knock

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