The Ice Mastery feats reduces the mana cost and increases the damage of any spells using the "chi" rune.

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See inform


The illusionist is a master of shadows and illusion. They are weak in hand-to-hand combat, however.

Best Canon: Air, Dark, Illusion, Light, Psychomancy

Type "profs illusionist" to see a list of the illusionist abilities.

See also: canons | class | levels | practice | profs | runes | skills | spells

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     Damage    Saving    Regen
Lvl  Absorb.   Bonus     Bonus  Other
151  71%                 125%   21% resist all
152  72%                 150%   22% resist all
153  73%                 175%   23% resist all
154  74%                 200%   24% resist all
155  75%                 225%   25% resist all
156  76%       -7        250%   26% resist all
157  77%                 275%   27% resist all
158  78%                 300%   28% resist all
159  79%                 325%   29% resist all
160  80%                 350%   30% resist all
161  81%                 375%   31% resist all
162  82%                 400%   32% resist all
See also: avatar-abilities

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See itopic


See heroes


These high level immortals mainly handle high level mud administration tasks. If a lower level immortal is on, it is usually best to bother them with questions and general help.

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See backstab


See bash


See ditch


See dodge


See meditate


See parry


The Incognito feat will increase the effectiveness of your Sneak and Hide skills.

See also: hide | sneak

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See tribute


See tribute


(also IDEA)

Syntax:inform [note <note>] <subject>

This very important command permits you to report a problem or an idea of yours to the mud administration. Whenever you find a bug, a typo, or just have an idea of how to improve the mud, use this command to report the idea to mud administration in a convenient manner.

Often times, mud administration is not aware of problems that players encounter, so it is very much appreciated when mortals report problems to administration.

Thank you!

You can use the note option to submit a copy of a note to the mud administration.

See also: write

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avatars, commands, consider, credits, days, exits, glance, help, immortals, languages, laston, levels, look, months, news, offer, passwd, practice, profs, races, skills, socials, spells, songs, status, time, uptime, weather, who, whoarena, whobattlefield, whogroups, whozone

See also: | command | >name>

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(also INNS)

Inns are places where the weary traveler may rest while the innkeeper looks after his equipment and treasure. Specifically, you may use inns to store your gathered equipment while you are not playing the game (we all have to sleep sometimes, there is no shame in that).

See also: quit | rent

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See inn


The following are different types of instruments:

bagpipes            winds
bells               percussion
bone horn           horn
chalumeau           winds
cornett             brass
crumhorn            horn
cymbols             percussion
drum                percussion
dulcimer            strings
exotic              exotic
flute               winds
gamba               strings
harp                strings
harpsichord         keyboards
lute                strings
mandolin            strings
metal horn          horn
organ               keyboards
pan pipes           winds
piano               keyboards
rebec               strings
recorder            winds
sacbut              brass
sitar               strings
trumpet             brass
lyre                strings
violin              strings
wood horn           horn
xylophone           percussion
zither              strings
See also: play

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The number of targets your area spells can affect is dependent upon your power level, the power level of your victims, your intelligence, and your area mastery.

maximum power levels of area targets =
   (INT / 5 + (area mastery i + ii + iii) / 50) * your power level
For example, a level 125 mage (power level 155) with area mastery i and area mastery ii at 90% each and intelligence of 26, could hit up to:
 (26/5 + (90+90)/50) * 155 = 1364 power levels of targets
Or about 27 level 50 ixies.

The amount of damage you do is also increased by your Area Mastery skills. The amount of damage is increased by ((area mastery i + ii + iii) / 20)%. In our above example, the mage with an Area Mastery total of 180% would do an additional 9% damage to each target.

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See intelligence


If you are uncertain about what you are carrying, or simply want to check that no thieves have pilfered from your backpack.

See also: equipment

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(also OBJECT)

Items have undergone radical changes. Items now have individual immunities, susceptibilites, resistances, item hitpoints, and item maxhitpoints. Items also only affect certain parts of your body, rather than your whole body. (In most cases -- there are of course exceptions.)

Item hitpoints (and maxhitpoints) are the new way of keeping track of how damaged an object is. This replaces the old system of AC-APPLY, which reduced an item's hit-dice/ac as it was damaged. If an item is damaged, it may or may not continue to function normally until it is repaired. If an item has its hitpoints equal to its maxhitpoints, the item is in excellent condition and will work normally.

Item immunities, susceptibilities, and resistances make the items themselves immune/susceptible/resistant to certain kinds of attacks. For example, if you have a wooden shield, that shield would be resistant to crushing attacks (from clubs, maces, etc) but would be susceptible towards fire or cleaving attacks. (fire-based spells, axes, etc) Red Dragon Platemail would logically be immune to fire, etc. You get the idea. Immunities are considered to be infinite STOPPING against that attack. If an item is attacked with something it is resistant to, it has double STOPPING, and likewise an attack to which it is susceptible, it has half STOPPING.

See also: ac | ac-areas | stopping | stopping-areas

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Syntax:itopic clear|<message>

This command can be used to set a topic for the mud that all immortals can see by either entering the "itopic" command or whenever they log in.

This command is only usable by immortals.

See also: ctopic | topic

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