Syntax:backstab <victim name>
circle <victim name>

Backstab is a way to sneak up on a person and attempt to place your dagger in their back, at exactly the point where it does the most damage. A successful backstab gives a damage multiplier, depending on level.

The chance of successfully backstabbing a person depends on how well you have practiced backstab at your guild.

If a backstabber sets themself up properly with placement, it is possible to backstab again during combat without having to flee first. If a backstabber has positive placement, they can disengage from their foe and attempt to backstab a mobile without leaving the room.

The circle command is like backstab except that it does half damage but also halves the wariness of the target. Circle requires the "backstab, circle" skill. You can also backstab even if you are engaged and/or tanking using circle ... however your chance of success is much greater if you disengage first and if you can find someone else to tank for you.

If the backstabber is dual wielding and knows the "backstab, dual" skill, he or she will automatically attempt to perform a dual backstab when backstabbing.

The Improved Backstab and Greater Backstab each increase backstab damage by 20% respectively.

See also: backstab-surprise | disengage | placement | sneak-attack | wariness

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The Backstab, Surprise skill allows you to do up to double damage if your victim cannot see you and you land a successful backstab.

See also: backstab

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Syntax:deposit <gold>|<item>
withdraw <gold>|<item>

You can deposit and withdraw gold and items at your local banker.

See also: buy | mobile-interaction | sell

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The barbarian is the ultimate fighter. However, they are not able to use any magical items.

Type "profs barbarian" to see a list of the barbarian abilities.

See also: class | levels | practice | profs | skills

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See call-of-the-horde



Syntax:bash <victim name>

Bashing someone is an attempt to knock them over. If you succeed at a bash attempt they will fall over and will have to scramble back to their feet in order to be effective. There is a chance that if you fail to bash them that you might end up falling over yourself. You chance to successfully bash is dependent upon how well you learn the Bash skill.

A bash makes you unable to type commands for 2 rounds of violence. Note that hitting a person who is resting/sitting will inflict 1.33*damage.

You normally need a shield in order to be successful at bashing. However, if you learn the Slam skill you will be able to bash without a shield.

If you master the Improved Bash skill you will also have a chance for a free attack of opportunity after successfully bashing your victim.

The Shield Bash skill will cause you to do regular damage when you bash in addition to knocking your opponent down if you are also using a shield.

See also: hit | shockwave

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Type 'battlefield' whenever you would like to enter an open battlefield and partake in the blood letting. The other arena type are is accessed by the command arena.

NOTE: You will NOT lose equipment or experience while in the battlefield. If you "die" in the battlefield you will be saved at the last moment and returned to the temple -- FULLY RESTORED. In addition, equipment does not get damaged in the arena either.

See also: >

| also: | arena | battlefieldsetup | bgossip | channel | gods | see

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See by


Syntax:beep <person>

This command/social can be used to get someone's attention when they are away from the keyboard or in another window. It will send two audible beeps to whoever you decide to beep. Note, however, that they can choose to ignore beeps with the channel command.

See also: channel | socials

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Syntax:behead <corpse name>

Is any elaboration needed here?

See also: raise | slice

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(also FRENZY)

Syntax:berserk <victim name>
frenzy <victim name>

When entering into berserk mode, your character will become a ferocious and fearless fighter. He or she will gain an extra attack for the duration of combat (an extra attack at the level of your berserk skill). However, he or she will be unable to flee during the combat for all that will be on their mind is to kill, Kill, KILL!!! You will also be unable to cast spells while berserking as well.

Because of your berserked state, you will not lose vitality points for your extra berserked attack, nor will that attack be affected by negative vitality points.

Frenzy is an upgrade to Berserk which gives an additional two attacks and improves your critical hit mastery.

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Syntax:bestow <character name> <field> <values>

This command is similar to pedit except that it adds the values to the present value rather than replacing it.

<field>          <values>

experience       <experience points AND pool>
level            <level> <class number>
hit              <hit points>
mhit             <maximum hit points>
hitroll          <bonus to hit>
damroll          <bonus do damage>
dualhitroll      <bonus to hit, dual wielded weapon>
dualdamroll      <bonus to damage, dual wielded weapon>
ac               <avoidance class value -- adds to ALL AC areas>
stopping         <stopping value -- adds to ALL stopping areas>
bank             <gold in bank>
gold             <gold on hand>
buildpoints      <number of build points>
strength         <strength>
intelligence     <intelligence>
wisdom           <wisdom>
dexterity        <dexterity>
constitution     <constitution>
charisma         <charisma>
mana             <mana points>
rune             <rune proficiency>
skill            <skill proficiency>
weapon           <weapon proficiency>
song             <song proficiency>
instrument       <instrument proficiency>
language         <language proficiency>
killpoints       <kill points>
killpool         <kill points>
tournamentpoints <tournament points>
tournamentpool   <tournament points>
questpoints      <quest points>
questpool        <quest points>
Most <field>'s can be abbreviated.


bestow taurus exp 1000     This will give taurus 1000 additional xp points.
bestow madman gold 50      This gives 50 gold pieces to madman.
bestow hoar skill 30 stun  Gives Hoar a 30% bonus to Stun ability.

NOTE:  Use bestow when you need to do XP re-imbs.  It will ensure that the
       experience point base and the experience point pool are in sync.
See also: grant | pedit

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Syntax:bgossip <text>

This text whenever you want to root for a player in the battlefield or ask people in the battlefield questions. Basically, anything to do with the battlefield should go over this channel. In addition, notices about the opening and closing of the battlefield will go over this channel too.

See also: agossip | auction | channel | communications | gossip | shout | yell

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See hitall


The blind fighting skill will permit you to fight better in darkness and in against foes that you cannot see. The blind fighting skill is automatic and does not need to be "activated".

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Syntax:block <victim name>

If you are able to successfully block a monster, that monster will have will have much greater difficulty when trying to flee from your character. However, regardless of whether you fail or succeed the block, your character will be unable to type any commands for one round of combat.

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An antipaladin can work himself into a bloodlust and greatly improve his combat prowess. However, though he may deliver more damaging blows, he will also suffer from a lack of self-control and find himself missing more often and exposing himself to more risk.

While in the mentality of bloodlust, the antipaladin will find himself sometimes not focused enough to cast his spells properly, and the aggressive nature to which he submits himself will keep him from being able to sit still.

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Bonded runes define the essence of what a spell does. A spell is just another name for a sequence of bonded runes.

For example, the Flameburst spell consists of the two bonded runes "fu" (Fire) and "ev" (Evocation) while the Cure Serious spell consists of "bod" (Body), "goo" (Good, or Positive), "ney" (Energy), and "ja" (Power I). Flameburst is therefore also known as "fuev" and Cure Serious is also known as "bodgooneyja".

It is not enough to just learn bonded runes and then freely combine them into spells. You need to learn the bonding as well. For example, once you have learned "fu" and "ev", you will need to practice the "fuev" spell, or Flameburst, at your guildmaster.

Once you have learned a spell (i.e. a set of bonded runes and the bonding) you need to add one or more shaping runes to indicate how the spell will function. See shaping-runes for more information.

Syntax: bloodlust
See also: canons | runes | shaping-runes

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If you feel like bouncing round the room this is just the command for you.

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The breath command allows you to use a breath weapon on another monster. The only way to get a breath weapon is to either be a monster with such an ability (dragons usually have one) or quaff a potion of fire/ice/acid/gas/lightning breath.

If you are already fighting, breath without any arguments will breath on the monster you are fighting. If you are NOT fighting you must supply the name of a target to breath on.

Breath weapons are terrifying and most opponents will flee before you get a chance to breath on them. However, you may blast bystanders with the same breath.

This means breath weapons are not terribly accurate. You will always hit the monster you target and will usually hit his group, followers and his leader. You will also probably blast anyone currently hitting on you. You also have a small chance (less than half) of hitting each bystander (someone not covered above). They will not appreciate this and will probably decide to beat the snot out of you.

When quaffed breath potions modify you so that you can breath ONE time. If you do not breath in 2-3 rounds the potion will explode inside you causing half of its normal damage. These potions also reduce your CON for the duration of the spell. You therefore cannot quaff more breath weapon levels than you have constitution. You also cannot quaff more breath weapon levels than you have levels.

The damage of a breath weapon is a function of its level, your level, and your hitpoints. If your level is equal to the breath weapon's level it will do your hitpoints worth of damage to the target. If your level is double the level of the breath weapon it will only do half your hitpoints of damage. Monsters natural breath weapons exceed the CON restriction and even a 50th level monster can do full damage. Since most huge monsters have huge hitpoints, this can be a LOT of damage. do not ever fight a titanium dragon.

See also: kill

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(also ALCHEMY)

brew <spellname>

With the alchemy skill, a spellcaster can brew certain spells into quaffable potions. The spell level will be that of the spellcaster at the time of brewing. The mana cost is three times the normal cost of casting the spell. In order to brew a spell you must be one level higher than the minimum level of the spell. To get a list of the brewable spells, simply type brew by itself.

Note: if you fail the skill roll, all mana will be lost.

See also: scribe

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Syntax:brief [<options>]

The brief command is used to filter out or summarize various types of text display in an effort to cut down on the amount of text scrolling by your screen.

<options> is a list of the following:

arena                    Hide arena engaged/fled/gossip messages
autosaving               Have autosaving be performed silently
battlefield              Hide battlefield engaged/fled/gossip messages
damageshields            Hide the display of damageshields in combat
defense                  Hide defensive misses like paries and dodges
descriptions             Only show room titles (not descriptions)
emotes                   Show brief emote echos.
faction                  Show brief faction messages
familiar                 Do not look through the eyes of your familiar
misses                   Hide the display of misses in combat
otherdefense             Hide other people's defensive misses
otherhits                Hide other people's combat hits
othermisses              Hide other people's misses in combat
sound                    Disable mud sounds.
Toggle an option again to turn the brief setting off. If no options are given, brief will display the brief options that are currently selected.


When in room descriptions are brief, you do not see the full descriptions of the room you are in; only the name of the room, and the people and objects in there. Unless you are very familiar with the area in which you travel, however, it is not advisable to use this command. Frequently, you will find small, but vital hints in the descriptions of the rooms: an extra peek at your surroundings could mean the difference between life and death!

See also: compact | faction

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(also TYPOS)

As this mud is constantly undergoing development, there are likely to be many bugs and typos everywhere. If you see any bugs or typos, we would appreciate it greatly if you would mudmail an administrator about the problem. Try to be as detailed as possible as it helps us locate and fix the problem faster. You can also post messages about bugs or typos that you find as well.

You report typos by entering:

Syntax:typo <a description of the typo>

You can report most other issues using the inform command.

See also: inform | mail | post

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See practice


(also SELL)

Syntax:talk <shopkeeper> help
talk <shopkeeper> sell <item>
talk <shopkeeper> appraise <item>
talk <shopkeeper> buy <item>
talk <shopkeeper> list
talk <shopkeeper> hours

When you find a shopkeeper, you can interact with it in several ways. These are listed below:

help: just lists the various things you can talk to the storeowner about. sell: sells an item to the shopkeeper. appraise: values an item... how much the shopkeeper is willing to pay you. buy: buys an item from the shopkeeper. list: lists the items the shopkeeper has to sell, along with its price. hours: tells you the hours that the shopkeeper is open for business.

See also: deposit | mobile-interaction | repair | withdraw

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(also "50 power levels" this means that up to 1 50th level mobile will be)
sent, or 2 level 25 mobiles, or 4 level 12 mobiles, and so on. There will be a 80% chance that a particular mobile will be sent swarming per invocation of this method.
actor.swarm( 'zone', 50, 80, 23123, 23124 );
If you want to swarm all mobiles after the victim, specify a high power level number as in the following example:
actor.swarm( 10000, 23221, 23231, 12323 );
See also: js-char

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